New E-Mails Uncover Tension Between Chillicothe Police Chief, Sheriff


In Chillicothe, it's the police chief who is in trouble, but residents say it's the town that has suffered.  They call Chief Roger Moore an “embarrassment to the city” and someone who is “hurting” the town.

The reason: questions about Moore's conduct. The mayor put him on paid administrative leave last week.  Now, 10TV has learned e-mails are part of the reason; they show Moore has angered community leaders.

The Superintendent of Chillicothe School District Jon Saxton is one of the people upset.  Moore's e-mail criticized the district, saying it was not prepared for an active gunman.

Moore wrote:  "Summer is here and I want a school safety plan that was developed in cooperation with the police and fire department."  He finished by saying, "My apologies if I sound harsh. I am passionate about protecting the kids."

Several days later the superintendent responded with a letter to Moore's boss, the mayor. The superintendent wrote:  "Neither of us would ever speak with a professional colleague this way."  The superintendent goes on to describe the chief as "rude, obnoxious and disruptive."

Another lawman has also complained. On June 17, Ross County Sheriff George Lavender wrote a letter to the mayor, saying:  "I have put forth a good faith effort ... to establish a good working relationship with the Chief of Police, but have been unsuccessful."

10 Investigates tried to get answers, but city offices are plastered with letters warning reporters about interfering with staff and say no interviews will be granted. 

By phone, Moore confirmed that he was asked to apologize, but resisted. He also told 10TV the mayor has already told him his punishment will be a 1 day suspension.

The City of Chillicothe plans to give the chief his personnel hearing on this next week.  The mayor has declined interview about the topic until then.