New Details Emerge In Sexual Harassment Case


Documents released by the Ohio Attorney General's Office on Tuesday revealed more about claims of sexual harassment.

Two staffers at the AG's office claimed they were sexually harassed by Anthony Gutierrez, their boss and a friend and former roommate of Attorney General Mark Dann, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

In the documents, the women complain that Gutierrez pressured them to have sex with him and made numerous sexually charged comments.

One woman claimed she was told that her breasts "got her the job."

In another case, Gutierrez allegedly said, "You owe me...I wanted to (have sex with) you," Aker reported.

The other woman claims that Gutierrez said, "I like to have sex with you." She claimed that he harassed her for her phone number.

The woman said he later told her co-worker, "I hope she doesn't get offended when I replace her position."

"There is an extraordinarily high degree of consistency between their stories," said John Camillus, an attorney representing the women.

Camillus said his clients are telling the truth and they can prove it with documentation, Aker reported.

"We also think the text messages that are in the AG office's possession will substantiate the claims," Camillus said. "Although, the types of things they are alleging are generally not the types of things where there is a lot of hard proof."

The Attorney General's office said it released the documents in an effort to maintain its policy for open government.

Dann has denied any knowledge of the alleged harassment, Aker reported.

Both Gutierrez and Communications Director Leo Jennings were placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

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