New App Will Let Ohioans Report Government Waste

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Reporting government fraud and waste has entered the modern era.  If you have an iPhone, it's now as easy as downloading an app and answering a few questions.

"The idea is to get an army of citizen taxpayer auditors out there that are feeding information about what they see in their communities back to us," said Auditor Dave Yost.  "You can even do it anonymously.  If you don't want to tell us who you are, the default won't tell us."

Yost says fraud could come from anywhere - including school districts, government agencies, and even corrupt public officials.

The Ohio Stops Fraud app asks just a few questions about what you've witnessed.  You can attach photos or even video as evidence. You can also leave a voice message which will be followed up by a staffer.

"The world is changing," said Yost.  "If you look at FedEx and UPS and other retail industries, they've been using portable devices now for years.”

Yost said the app was designed by his office and cost about $200 to make.

The app is not yet available for Androids or Blackberry's.

Yost says if the iPhone response is robust, they'll make those apps possible later this year.