New Albany Woman Accused Of Stealing Thousands From Employer Offers Tearful Apology


A New Albany woman accused of stealing more than $375,000 dollars from her employer learned her fate in court Thursday.

Erin Drabyn was accused of stealing checks from her employer and using the money to set up accounts at stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

On Thursday, she offered up a tearful apology in court before the judge sentenced her to five years in prison.

"When this first happens to you, you get mad, and then you cry, and then you have to laugh," said victim Steve Ogle.

Ogle said he never thought someone would steal from him. He said he trusted his office manager enough to give her complete control of company funds.

But police said Drabyn took money and spent it on expensive items like Louis Vuitton, Prada shoes, and Ugg boots, as well as designer furniture.

Drabyn also told everyone in the office that she was battling cancer. She did not have the disease, but Ogle's brother did.

"He was trying to help her through it, and all along she didn't have this, and he dies," said Ogle.

Ogle wants other employers to learn from his mistake.

"Don't do this thing where you stomp on the dollars to save the pennies because you don't want to pay somebody to do an audit for your facility.  Do an audit," he said.

The judge sent Drabyn to prison for stealing money, but her Ogle said it was her lie about having cancer, not her crime, that cut the deepest.

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