New Acura NSX To Be Built In Ohio


Gov. John Kasich says there is only one word to describe the newly designed NSX supercar and its 480-horsepower engine.

"This is Ohio really continuing to be defined as cool,” said Kasich at the NSX Plant announcement on Tuesday.  "It's a cool place to be."

The Acura NSX is being designed, and built, in Ohio.

"It brings hybrid motors together with a high performance internal combustion engine.  It's really amazing," said Chief Engineer Ted Klaus.

It also includes an amazing price tag that is estimated by Motor Trend to be in the $130,000 range.

"The customer that will own this car will have the satisfaction of knowing they have the value of upwards of Ferrari and McLaren, but it will be in the range of Audi R8 and Porsche 911," said Klaus.

According to Klaus, the new sports car will not be available for purchase until 2015.

The original NSX was built in Japan until production stopped in 2005.

With three auto plants already in Ohio, Honda of America president and CEO Hidenobu Iwata said it's the natural location for the re-launch.

"Some people are probably wondering why here?  To us, the answer is simple," said Iwata.  "The location of this facility is in the middle of one of the greatest collections of engineering talent in the world."

Around 100 workers will manufacture the supercar in a new $70 million, 184,000 square feet facility in Marysville.

"It's right between the manufacturing facility where we have 30 years of experience and the R&D facility so we have all these resources in one area," said Jan Gansheimer, Honda of America Ohio.

Kasich said the world is watching Ohio's auto industry, and because of Honda's continued investment, more will come.

"Anyone who fashions themselves as the next James Bond will have to have one of these cars," said Kasich.

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