Neighbors Warn Each Other Of Masked Man ‘Creeping’ In Columbus Neighborhood

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Sandra Briseno is used to the struggle of finding a parking spot in the Italian Village of Columbus.  What she’s not used to, she said, is a man lurking nearby.

“I noticed this car. It was really beat up. It looked like it was almost torched, and he was still driving it,” said Briseno.

“I'm already out of my car and he pulls up and he makes a point to stay. He makes a point to stay inside and not look at me but I noticed the beige hat and it was curled up,” she said.

It was 11 p.m., Tuesday night.  She said the man in the car asked for money to buy gas.

“So there's no gas station even nearby, and if he needed gas, why in the world was he driving around the neighborhood? So, I'm still walking. I scream ‘No’ and I just run to my apartment,” she said.

She said she remembered that earlier in the day that someone wrote on Facebook about a man wearing a beige ski mask, stalking a woman in the 200 block of West Second Street.

“I was just grateful that they posted that,” she said.

Italian Village resident James Lacher also took to the Short North Blockwatch Facebook page to warn his neighbors of a 'creepy guy.'

“I stayed out here and kind of salted, and the entire time I was here, he just stayed at the corner and stared at me,” said Lacher.

Lachher said nothing bad came of the incident. His fear is what may happen in the future.

“Knowing that two, three blocks away, there's break-ins and burglaries. It's a little concerning,” he said.

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