Neighbors Shocked To Learn Five Explosive Devices Inside Man’s Home

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Neighbors of a man accused of building bombs in his North Columbus home are speaking out about their experiences living next to him.

Deputies found five explosive devices inside 55-year-old Mark Kulis' home after serving him an eviction notice Wednesday morning, on Carolyn Avenue near Maize Road in north Columbus.

Neighbors say they saw the signs.

"We all knew about it. We all kept an eye on him."

"I would always drive by there and get a case of the willies because you just don't know, somebody in that state, what they're capable of doing," said David Moriarty.

Moriarty says he went to school with Kulis, and says he's worried knowing his brother Jim, living across the street.

"Just had to wonder because of the state of mind he was in," said neighbor Jim Moriarty.

Jim Moriarty says Kulis' condition got worse over the past few years.

"He felt that people were spying on him. Tapping his phones and this and that. That's why he had his phone turned off and he said he's not going to pay any of his bills because he feels that the American government was messing him over," said Jim Moriarty.

In fact, the Franklin County Sheriff says Kulis considered himself a sovereign citizen. It means he doesn't think he's under the government's control and doesn't have to follow the law.

On Wednesday, when Kulis was being evicted, deputies say they discovered five explosive devices in his house, including a booby-trapped stove. The explosives were detonated.

Neighbors like Grace Estepp and her son Paul are worried about what will happen to this troubled man.

"He doesn't have any family, nowhere to go. It's sad," said Estepp.

The Franklin County Sheriff says he still doesn't know Kulis' intentions.

Kulis is in jail facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon and illegally manufacturing of the explosive device. The court also ordered a mental evaluation.

 He's due in court Thursday morning.