Neighbors Fight To Save Clinton Annex From Demolition

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The Clinton Annex has stood at the corner of North High Street and Clinton Heights Avenue for more than a century.

"It's basically a symbol of Clintonville," said Seth Golding of the University Area Commission.

Many people said they believe the former school house is worth saving.

"It would be terrible to tear it down," said Nancy Davies.

Davies said she spent time there as a child.

"I think it would be very sad if they tore it down because it could
be used for people after school, or adult education," Davies said.

Other people said it's time for something new.

"The building serves no function and the most economical thing to do is to tear it down and make more playground space," said Jenny Suchland.

For the past 4 years, Clintonville has debated the merits of the building and no one has come up with the money to save it.

"I think it's sad but it's time for it to come down," said Stephen Hardwick.

Others said they want the city to renovate it in case the new elementary school needs room in the future.

"If the enrollment keeps growing, as it has been, it will be needed," said Golding.

"For the Clintonville community to say you need to give us more when there are far worse problems around the city i think is not fair to the rest of the city," said Hardwick.

The University area commission is fighting the demolition.

Seth Golding, a member of the university area commission, said the building took on a political fight when discussions about its fate never reached neighborhood commissions until recently.

"I don't think you can engage a community by by-passing the area commission," Golding said.

The city of Columbus has voted to allow the building to be demolished with a wrecking date sometime this summer.

Some citizens, like Seth Golding, hope the city will stop the demolition and find a way to preserve a piece of Clintonville history.

"It was here before Clintonville was even part of Columbus," Golding said.

A save annex rally will be held at 5 p.m. Monday in front of the building.