Neighbors In Delaware County Band Together To Fight Crime Through Blockwatch

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Neighbors in one Central Ohio community are coming together, and fighting back.

The Villages of Oak Creek is the latest neighborhood to organize a block watch in Delaware County.

Besides the occasional car break-in, Adrienne Selsor said crime is almost unheard of in her southern Delaware County neighborhood.

That is, until recently.

"A couple of weeks ago, one of the houses in our neighborhood got broken into in the middle of the night and that really startled me," Selsor said. 

She said the boldness of the crime was too close for comfort.  "This was at two or three o'clock in the morning. Fortunately, the neighbors weren't home, but they do have three young kids and so as a mom myself, it was surprising."

Wanting to protect her family, Selsor contacted the Delaware County Sheriff's Office about starting a block watch.  They organized a meeting and an unexpected 50 of her neighbors showed up - a high turnout for a neighborhood that size.

Through June of this year, the number of thefts rose slightly in the Villages of Oak Creek and in Delaware County as a whole, compared with this same time last year.  Besides theft, the other most commonly reported crimes in this neighborhood include domestic incidents, larceny, vandalism and burglary.

"It’s natural when crime hits kind of close to your home and your neighborhood, no matter how serious the crime, no matter what it is, there's a heightened sense of awareness," said Tracy Whited, with the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

She said anyone can start a block watch, all it takes is one meeting, and some open eyes.  "A deputy doesn't know your neighborhood as well as the homeowners know their neighborhood, so, they're going to know what's suspicious."

Anyone who lives in Delaware County can start a block watch.

All you have to do is call the sheriff's office, and be available for a meeting to learn about crime specific to your neighborhood.