Negative Ads Fill Airwaves In Senate Race

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Political experts say it’s a campaign of low blows.

The Sherrod Brown versus Josh Mandel senate race features ads full of misleading claims that call each candidate a liar.

It’s a classic slugfest between the current Senator and the Ohio Treasurer who wants his job.

The race is getting national attention and millions of dollars are being poured into it.

“Many of the states’ newspapers including one of its most conservative the Columbus Dispatch said that my opponent is the ‘Big Lie’ candidate,” said Brown.

“I wish Senator Brown would denounce those ads but he refuses to. But he's the one who has to look at himself in the mirror each night, not me,” said Mandel.

Recent polls give an edge to Brown, but the control of the US Senate may be at stake, so Ohioans should expect a lot more negative ads in the weeks ahead.

From July 2011 through September 17 this year, there were over 38,000 ads aired in the senate race.

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