Nationwide Protests Against Police Brutality


The fatal shooting  of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th continues to spur protests.
The activist group "Anonymous" called for a "National Day of Rage" Thursday to protest what it sees as police brutality. Protests took place across the country from California to infront of the White House.
Goodale Park was the site of one of those protests in Columbus.
"No justice! No peace!" a crowd of about 30 people chanted to cars passing by the park.
Columbus resident Jim Anderson says he joined the protest to end what he calls police corruption and brutality.
"When somebody is not being treated correctly, I believe it's all of our obligation to stand up and do something about it," he said.
Columbus resident Evan Dawson stood silent with his hands raised during the protest. t was his way of trying to end injustice.
"Even if it's a small gathering, even if it's a small gesture, I think it's important," he said. "We stand with people who experience these injustices."
Goodale Park was not the only site of a protest Thursday evening in Columbus. A smaller,but equally vocal protest took place on the Long Street Bridge.
"Hands up! Don't shoot!" Jasmine Lewis yelled from the sidewalk.
Lewis is a Columbus resident who was born and raised in St. Louis.
"I really just wanted to do something in support of the city where I grew up," she said.
Lewis said it is tough to see the tension that has developed in her home state.
"I understand the frustrations and how people feel there," she said.
The Missouri transplant knows it's not much, but she is hopeful her actions here in Ohio can make a difference back home.
"I really want to see justice," she said.