Nationwide Children's Hospital Will Use New Helicopter To Transport Patients

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Officials at Nationwide Children's Hospital unveiled the Monarch 1 on Monday. It's the newest transport unit for the medical center.

"The first of its kind for the hospital and a helicopter equipped for the kind of patients we take care of," said Dr. Edward Shepherd, Director of Transport.

The helicopter is dedicated to neonatal and pediatric transports which include little patients like Jordan Ellis.

At 24 weeks, Jordan weighed only one pound and five ounces and had to be transported by ground to the hospital.

"She was going to be in a vehicle, and she had all of these tubes, so it was intimidating," said Tonya Ellis.

Whether by ground or by air, Jordan's mom praises Nationwide Children's commitment to every detail when it comes to caring for such precious cargo.

"I think that's great that they're capable of transporting someone under that kind of condition," said Ellis.

The new helicopter can fly farther and faster, and it's bigger inside, to fit specialized equipment which gives patients better care while they are in the air.

The helicopter will give peace to parents that they will land safely and their children will recover, like Jordan, who is almost three pounds now.

The helicopter and the transport unit will be stationed at Don Scott Airport, and officials said it will be ready to fly at a moment's notice. The chopper will be ready to take patients next month.

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