National Night Out Promotes Crime Prevention


National Night Out is an opportunity to promote police-community partnerships and crime prevention.

Tuesday's National Night Out came at the right time for residents in the Worthington area who are looking to protect their properties after recent acts of vandalism.

"Vandals busted out two windows and took out my side view mirrors," said Adam Braschwitz.

Braschwitz says he woke up early Tuesday morning to find damage in his Lakes of Worthington neighborhood.

"We heard it. It was 3:00 in the morning," he said. "My wife got up. I heard a noise and she came and said, 'Hey, your window is busted out. We need to get outside.'"

Braschwitz wasn't the only victim in his neighborhood.

Columbus police reports show three other instances of vandalism overnight and at least one more in the past week.

"I think last night somebody had a baseball thrown through their front window," Braschwitz said.

Police tell 10TV when a neighborhood is experiencing vandalism, residents can be pro-active by keeping an eye out for their neighbors.

It's a message police were stressing at a National Night Out event in Worthington Tuesday evening.

"Keep eyes open, communicate effectively, communicate with us," said Lt. Jerry Strait with Worthington Police. "On vandalism issues, I always like to say extra lights, whether they're permanent lights or whether they're infrared. If you can put something that's motion-detected out there, it scares people."

Families attending Tuesday's event say they are taking the advice of police and standing up against crime.

Rob Mottice took his son Quinn and daughter Lizzie to the Worthington National Night Out.

He says they always keep an eye out for their neighbors.

"We do look out for each other and keep an eye on our own neighborhood and I think around Worthington as well," Mottice said. "It's that type of aware community where we help each other."

And helping each other is what Braschwitz hopes his neighbors do as they battle vandalism.

"I think everybody is kind of on high alert right now," he said. "We're encouraging everybody to leave their lights on for the next week so whoever is doing this knows that we know what's going on and we want it to stop."