National Night Out Aims To Unite Neighbors Against Crime

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At the Powell city splash pad, moms tell 10TV being a good neighbor is just part of their daily lives.  “Making sure we don't see suspicious individuals, walking around, just cars, we're just always watching out in our neighborhood for each other,” said mom Kirsten Klink.

It's an easy concept for residents, as well as business owners.  It’s also something Powell Police Chief Gary Vest likes to hear after serving 38 years in law enforcement.  "If everybody develops relationships with one another, it's more important than locks.  It's more important than security cameras."

Chief Vest says policing truly belongs to the people and events like National Night out hopefully motivate neighbors to take a moment and re-connect.  "When we close ourselves up, lock our doors, and pull down our blinds - that's when crime has an opportunity."

Police say the bottom line to stopping crime goes beyond just one night.  It's about getting people to get out, and get to know each other, all year long.  That's why Kirsten Klink says she feels safe where she lives in nearby Westerville.  "We live on a little bit of a busy street, but we still take the time to talk to one another, and get to know one another and if someone is going out of town, we let each other know.  Just take care of one another."

Police say it's a rather simple concept.  The toughest part is getting people to take that small step and realize a bigger gain down the road.

"Whether it's a business or a community, people need to know the people around them.  We can't care for one another if we don't know the needs of what the others are,” Chief Vest adds.

This year, Powell is holding a Mystery Night Out where you can help the village solve the mystery of the stolen golf cart.