National Amber Alert Website Goes Live After Complaints Of Shutdown Blackout

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The federal government shutdown sent the National Amber Alert system into hibernation, leaving law enforcement to wonder what happens if a child goes missing?

The web page suddenly went active on Monday afternoon after reports of complaints to the U.S. Department of Justice, which said it took a person off furlough to get the website back up.

The National Amber Alert website serves only as an informational clearinghouse -- only local and state authorities issue missing persons alerts in Ohio.

When the website went down, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said it fielded a few calls from law enforcement to make sure Ohio’s alert system wasn't affected.

“The Amber Alert system is up, it’s operational, it's available 24 hours a day,” said Captain Rob Jackson, the Ohio Amber Alert Coordinator. “Your local police department and sheriff's department can initiate Amber Alerts as we speak. We don't expect any impact from the government shutdown.”

Meanwhile, most federal government websites are up but not updating due to the lapse in government funding, the First Lady’s website,, remained active.

10TV also checked with several federal agencies in town.

The federal courthouse says it will not shut down during the budget crisis

However, it says it only has enough cash to pay its employees until this Thursday.

After that, officials will decide which essential employees will remain. Some may go unpaid.

The U.S. Marshal's Office, FBI and DEA are exempt from the furlough, but they won't be paid either if the government doesn't agree on a budget.

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