Nanny Cam Catches Alleged Babysitter Abuse On Tape

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A mother who ran a babysitting service out of her home was behind bars Friday, charged with child abuse.

Gianna Cochran was charged with felonies involving sexual and physical abuse of children between the ages of 8 months and 2-years-old, 10TV's Kevin Landers reported.

Police said the alleged crimes happened in an apartment last year and involved at least five children.

A parent of an alleged victim suspected something was wrong with his daughter and helped alert police, Landers reported.

"I kept telling my fiance' that was something wrong because (my daughter) always come home crying you know, every time we left there she would ball," said the parent, who requested anonymity. 

The parent said that it started when the girl's mother raised questions to the babysitter about their daughter's face.

"She saw blotchiness, red on her face and neck," the parent said. "And she wanted to know what's going on and she said she was just crying."

Their suspicions of alleged abuse were verified months later, when police knocked on their door with a video," Landers reported.

"On the video camera it shows her that day strangling her, like pushing down on her chest," the parent said. "I was just shocked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing it just broke my heart."

Cochran's live-in boyfriend was suspicious about his own daughter and said he bought a "nanny camera" and caught the crimes on tape, Landers reported. 

Police called the acts torture, Landers reported.

According to the complaint, Cochran is accused of "taking a spoon and jamming down the victim's throat numerous times causing the victim to cry, gag, and gasp for her breath."

Alleged crimes that may never have been uncovered if not for the hidden camera.

"We would never ever know if it wasn't for her boyfriend putting in the nanny cam," the parent said.

A former friend of Cochran's told 10TV's Brittany Westbrook she once thought Cochran was the perfect babysitter for her son.

Then she said she saw the video that included her baby.

"There was an incident where he was having a diaper changed and she roughly shook him," said the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous. "That was one incident and the other was when he was crying and she covered his face with her hand."

Her feelings of friendship, have turned to those of betrayal and disgust.

"It makes me sick. I mean the anger, I almost repress the anger because it's just too much. It makes me sick."

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