Multiple Families Out of a Home after West Columbus Fire

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Several families are looking for a place to live after fire ripped through their homes.  The fire started Thursday afternoon on Cortez Passage in West Columbus.

A battalion chief with the Columbus Fire Department said it is too soon for investigators to know what caused the fire. Firefighters said the fire appears to be accidental.

Thick black smoke filled the air for much of the afternoon. Residents of the west side neighborhood stood outside to watch as firefighters worked to keep the fire from spreading.

A battalion chief said the heavy wind created a challenge as fire spread to two neighboring homes.

One home is described as a total loss, while two others were heavily damaged. No one was hurt in the fire, and that may be due, in part, to an alert neighbor.

“When I looked outside there was smoke coming from the back of the house. I ran over there and saw it was a fire and called 911. We were banging, me and another neighbor were banging on doors to make sure nobody was home,” neighbor Cindy Call said.

A couple with three young children lived in the home that was destroyed. Neighbors tell 10TV they only moved into the home a few months ago. The American Red Cross is helping the affected families.