Muddy Footprints, Witnesses Lead Police To Burglary Suspect


The Obetz police chief said an alert neighbor helped police nab a burglary suspect.

“It's amazing, the attentiveness that people have in this community. If they see something that doesn't make sense, they'll call,” said Chief Ken Hinkle, Obetz Police Chief.

That neighbor told 10TV that she was looking out her back window and saw someone lurking in her back yard.  

She said her husband flagged down a police officer and soon after, that officer made an arrest.

“We had a citizen that was willing to step up, become involved and say, ‘the bad guy went that direction,’” said Hinkle.

Officers arrested 21-year-old Stefan Towns for attempting to burglarize a house on Rodger Rd.

Police said the criminal left muddy footprints behind which provided evidence that helped solve the case.

Similar footprints were also discovered on the back door of a house on Poplar St.

“Xbox360, all the games, money, but the weird thing about it is, I have a saw, I cut trees for myself, and they left my saw. But they took everything else that they could that was worth money,” said Pam Burrows.

Police haven't yet charged Towns for the break-in at Burrows' house, in which hundreds of dollars in electronics were stolen.

But, when we showed her Towns’ mug shot, she's convinced it's him.

“That's Stef,” she said.

Burrows said the man has worked with her cutting trees.

“That’s who broke into my house! That is who broke into my house,” said Burrows. “It hurts. I mean, I've cried. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I mean, I lay down in my bed and I see them coming in my back door and I'm not comfortable here anymore. I have to move.”

Burrows describes herself as a hard-working, self-employed woman.

She said what hurt her most is that, at one time, she gave Towns a job and gave him food when he had none.

Obetz detectives are still working the case.

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