Motorists Warned To Beware Of Unmarked Towing Companies


When the weather gets bad, Brad Sheets gets busy.

"I'm out doing tire changes, recovery work, accident work - just general services that AAA has offered for years,” said Sheets.

As a tow truck driver for AAA, he's like the 'car cavalry,’ and AAA members always know what they get when cavalry arrives.

"They're excited. They're glad. They feel relieved,” Sheets explained.

AAA tow truck operators never stop unless they're dispatched to a location.  

"I don't solicit.  I don't prowl.  I don't stop at just randomly to try to take advantage.”

But Sheets knows plenty of tow truck companies that will.  They are unmarked tow trucks, offering risky cash-only deals.

"If they say 'I'll move you outa here right now for 50 bucks,' I got a problem with that.”

Angie's List does too, saying you should subscribe to the "Don't call me, I'll call you" way of thinking.

Beware of the tow truck that shows up unannounced offering to drag your car out of a ditch.

Reputation Matters - which is why you should do some research to find reputable companies before you need them.

There should be no Fair Weather Pricing - you shouldn't have to pay a surcharge because it's cold, and fees should be clear.

And when you Sign Off on the job, make sure your signature is right below the dollar amount being charged so nobody can add charges without your knowledge.

After all, Brad says, the last thing you need following an accident is more aggravation.




Angie's List