Motorcyclists Spot Burning Home, Rescue Family Of Seven In Hilliard

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A family of seven in Hilliard was able to escape their burning home after two motorcyclists spotted the flames and rushed to help.

Robert Woodland and his son, Robert Woodland Jr., were riding in the area on Davis Road between Alton Darby and Walker Roads around midnight Friday when they saw the home on fire.

They stopped and frantically started knocking on doors and windows to see if anyone was inside.   The father and son say they managed to quickly get in the front door and awaken four adults and three children. 

Woodland Jr. says he carried a 4-month-old baby to safety and then went back inside to rescue the family's dog and help a man who was sleeping in the basement. 

Woodland Sr. is a retired firefighter who says he initially thought the flames were part of a bonfire but quickly realized it was a home on fire.  He says it's a miracle nobody was injured.

The father of the children who were rescued says he had just fallen asleep when the fire started.  He says his family would not have escaped without the help of the cyclists. 

“If it weren't for these people … I don't know; we wouldn't be here,” said Dan Collins, victim of the fire and the family's father.  “I’m in debt to these people for the rest of my life.”

Firefighters say it appears the fire started in the garage but spread to the home.  The home suffered significant damage.  Investigators are still working to determine how the fire started.