Mother Shot While Protecting Child During Chillicothe Home Invasion


Police are looking for a man who forced his way into a Ross County home, with a woman and her two-year-old daughter inside.

The woman was shot in a struggle with the intruder.

A 2-year-old little girl was held by neighbors Friday morning near the corner of Church Street and Allen Avenue in Chillicothe.

Her home had become a crime scene; her mother was the victim of violence.

Concerned witnesses say they watched in disbelief.

"I seen all the officers run into the house, Officer Demint bringing out a little girl because he just kicked the door in," said witness Carl Harris.

"When they brought the little girl out, that kind of took my heart,” said neighbor Kelly Betts. “So I ran over to my cabin. I have a little bear in there. Took it over to the little girl gave her the teddy bear."

Chillicothe Police say the initial call for help came in as a home invasion/robbery.

They say the little girl and her mother were the only ones home when a stranger somehow got in.

"He intruded into the house, there was a struggle over a weapon," said Police Chief Roger Moore.

In that struggle, the mother was shot.

"They brought her out on the stretcher,” said Betts. “She had her socks on and they had her covered up. She was in shock, because she was all shaky."

Neighbors say the family that live in the home is pleasant and quiet, with no history of trouble.

They're shaken to think of what a mother went through, and what her young daughter might have witnessed.

"That's what's scary. That's what's scary," said Harris.

"Chillicothe is a small town,” said Betts. “And I don't think this stuff should be happening."

Police have not released the victim’s name or any word on her condition, except that she was airlifted to OSU and was stable at the time.

Police are not yet saying whether the intruder had the weapon or if it was already in the home

They are still searching for a suspect described as a white male in his 30's wearing a gray hoodie, baggy blue jeans, with a thin build, 150-160 pounds, about 5'7" with scruffy facial hair.


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