Mother Searches For Answers As Daughter Recovers In Hospital Following Hit And Run

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A two year old girl is recovering in the hospital after her mother says she was struck by a hit and run vehicle.

It all happened on Morrill Avenue on July 17, and the mother is asking for the public's help to find the driver.

The mother says her daughter opened a gate and ran into the street to catch her 7-year-old brother. She says a man driving a van hit the little girl and never stopped.

“She's two years old and full of life, and now she's confined to a bed. It pretty much sucks for her,” says Bobbi Bryant the girl’s mother.

Bryant says she hasn't left her daughter's side since she was rushed to Nationwide Children's hospital nine days ago.

“I've been here non-stop with her. It's hard to see your two-year-old daughter like that,” she says.

Doctors told her Isabella broke her fibula, tibia, and her ankle and suffered a minor skull fracture.

“The car was going so fast it clipped her from the front and spun her around and she hit the ground, and it ran over her foot, “she says.

Eryk Haslett says he heard the crash. 

“It was disgusting to see", he says.

Then he says he ran to help.

“He hit that little girl so hard, it sounded like he hit the car we heard a couple of thumps looked down we saw the girl laid out in the middle of the street in the fetal position,” he says.

Police have yet to locate the van, but it's described as a grey Chevy Astro van with tinted back windows with a red emblem that reads "all-wheel drive" in black letters.

“The guy seemed like he had no conscience about him he just rolled on", he says.

Isabella's mother adds that “it's hard to see her like that, I’m used to seeing her running and playing.”

She's hoping the driver will find it in his heart to come forward.

“I would like for to him for at least the courtesy to come forward. My daughter didn't deserve this,” she says.

Doctors say Isabella will need a skin graft on her foot.

If you have any information about this case, you’re urged to call Columbus police.