Mother Searches For Answers After Fatal Teen Stabbing


A mother pleads for truth after her daughter is accused of stabbing, and killing, a 17-year-old girl.

Cierra Howard's family says the 16-year-old is not a troubled child.

"My child is not a monster, she is not a murderer,” said Cierra’s mother Cathy Howard, “She is a good student, she is a loving child, she knows the lord"

Wednesday afternoon, police say 17-year-old Jasmine Goodwin came over to Cierra's house looking to fight.

Investigators say the verbal argument escalated to the stabbing.

Cathy Howard says Cierra was not the type of girl who went looking for a fight.

“She is very creative, she loves art, and she wasn't one who wanted to hang out in the street,” said Cathy Howard.

At the advice of their attorney, the family will not talk about the case but their attorney says the evidence will show Cierra was a victim of bullying and acted in self-defense.

“She received threats, she was confronted by a group of kids, one who may have had a firearm, and regrettably someone was fatally injured,” said attorney Sam Shamanksy

Cierra's family says their heart goes out to Jasmine Goodwin's family but says there is much more to this story.

And they hope investigators will get to the truth.

"I have raised my kids to walk away from confrontation,” said Cathy Howard “We don't condone that.”

10TV made several attempts to speak to Jasmine's family but they declined to comment.