Mother Says School Moved Second Grader To Third Grade Without Consulting her

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A mother was wondering why the Columbus City School District never got her consent before moving her son to a new classroom – and a new grade.

According to Shannon Worth, her 8-year-old son Tyler was moved from second to third grade without her being consulted first.

Worth said that her son was moved to a “split-grade” second and third grade classroom. She said that her son was the only second grader in the room and that he was not ready for the environment.

According to Worth, her son came home recently and told her that they moved him to a new classroom.

“He says, ‘Mommy, guess what? They put me in third grade,’” Worth said.

The mother said that no one consulted her about the switch.

“If it were a true split, I mean 50-50, I don’t think I would have a problem with it,” Worth said.

Worth said that she spoke with the principal several times and even contacted a school board member. She said that nothing changed, so she took her son out of the school.

According to Columbus City School District officials, districts nationwide use split classrooms when there are too many students for one class but not enough for two classes.

In Ohio, there can be no more than 25 students per one staff member.

“In this instance, the enrollment at Valleyview Elementary School grew since the beginning of the start of the school year, and we had to add another teacher,” said Jeff Warner, a spokesman for the district.

Warnter said that the classes often serve as an opportunity for students who are working ahead of their normal grade level to work with their peers, who are at a grade level ahead.

Worth said that she was not convinced.

“I said, ‘He’s not moving,’ and they moved him just because it made their numbers work, and it is not right. He’s 8. It’s not right to treat an 8-year-old like they are a number,” Worth said.

District officials said that they would work with any parent to create the best learning environment for their child and definitely would move Worth’s son to a class that she preferred.

Worth said that her son was happy at his new school.

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