Mother Says ‘Satan’ Told Son To Kill Her At Time Woman Was Found Dead Inside Home

Mother Says ‘Satan’ Told Son To Kill Her At Time Woman Was Found Dead Inside Home

Mother Says ‘Satan’ Told Son To Kill Her At Time Woman Was Found Dead Inside Home

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Police said Wednesday evening that they had two people in custody who were people of interest in connection with a woman found dead at an east side home on Tuesday evening.

Police have yet to identify a woman, who was found dead on the basement steps of a home in the 1100 block of Wildwood Avenue at about 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators said “unusual” things were done to the woman’s body.

A 911 call obtained by 10TV News on Wednesday provided some insight into what happened around the time of the unidentified woman’s death.

“Satan told him if I don’t sacrifice you, I have to take my life tonight,” said a 911 caller, who said her son and his girlfriend poured bleach throughout the house and threated to “choke her out.”

That 911 caller was identified as mother Roshell Tuck, who talked with 10 Investigate on Wednesday. She said her son, 20-year-old Breyon Bryant, was with his girlfriend inside of the home at the time.

“I was in my bed when I smelled the strong odor of bleach,” Tuck told 10 Investigates. Tuck said that when she found her son, he came after her.

“He was holding me and he was, ‘Mom, it’s you or me,’” Tuck said. “I heard (the girlfriend) saying, ‘Get her.’ And I just got this feeling over me, and I just kicked the door. I just kicked it. Kicked it to get out.”

Tuck said she ran across the street and called 911 from neighbor Stephanie Butler’s house.

“He was telling me that the devil was telling him that he had to sacrifice me,” Tuck said to 911 dispatchers.

The mother said that she never knew her son to be involved in any satanic cults.

Butler said she also never had seen any suspicious behavior at her neighbor’s house and that the woman’s two sons, who do not live on the Wildwood Avenue home, have been nothing but polite to her.

She said she could not even begin to image what happened inside of the home on Tuesday night.

“It was kind of shocking, especially with her younger son,” Butler said.

Police would not immediately confirm if they were still searching for a man and woman who were said to have taken off in a burgundy car after the woman was found dead.

Investigators have not released information on who the woman is that investigators found dead inside of the home. A search warrant was served at the home early Wednesday morning.

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