Mother Says Daughter’s Hair Set On Fire By School Bully


Tashiki Matthews says she couldn't believe what her daughter was telling her.
"I was shocked. I didn't think anything like that would happen to my daughter", she said.

Matthews says her 8th grade daughter was sitting in class at Hilltonia Middle School when a boy came up from behind her and set her hair on fire.

"In my mind, I think he plotted it he saw her, and said I think I'm going to set her, "she said.

Edwards says her daughter is the victim of the bully. She claims the school is aware of the boy, and she says she's been complaining about him for nearly two years.

"He's not supposed to be nowhere near her. I asked the school to keep him away from her. He was walking by and seen her in a classroom, and he went into a classroom. He was not supposed to be in", she said.

The Columbus City School District won't confirm those details, only saying the case remains under investigation.

But the mother of that boy tells us he was suspended from school following the incident. Jennifer Rutter says her son is innocent.

"He's told me he didn't do it. So, I mean I got to go with what my son's telling me. They checked him and said they didn't find no lighter", she said.

Rutter says if the school was aware he was bullying a student, she'd never heard about it.
"I've never been contacted about anything about him", she said.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother says her daughter is trying to put the incident behind her.

"She's hurt emotionally. She says ‘Mom, I don't want to stay home, I want to go to school,’” she said.

Her mother says she wants the boy who allegedly lit the flame to be expelled.

"He needs to be punished. You just don't go around setting people on fire, you have to got to be really off to do something like that,” she said.

The mother says she filed charges of arson, assault, and disorderly conduct against the boy in Juvenile Court.

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