Mother Says Aide Assaulted Child On School Bus

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A mother says her son was injured by an aide on a school bus, but Newark City School officials don't believe the assault happened.  

The mother says her son called, Tuesday afternoon, asking if an adult is allowed to yank him by his coat with force.  She said she told him, 'absolutely not,' and that is when her inquiry to both the school and police began.

10-year-old Balin Derringer says he received injuries to his neck and shoulder from an aide on the bus, who was reprimanding him on his bus ride home from school.

“This has never happened to me before and I'm wondering why this is happening,” said a teary-eyed Derringer.  “She yanks on my coat and pulls me up to her face and asks, ‘do you want to go up to the front?’”

Derringer and his mother say the yank was hard enough that, after a trip to the ER, his doctor diagnosed him with a minor whiplash.

“It breaks your heart to hear your son talk about, 'my head hurts.' And, 'I don't want a whiplash.' And as he tries to move, he cringes,” said his mother, Bess Derringer.

Bess Derringer tells 10TV the school has not allowed her to see the surveillance video from the bus.

“I want to feel angry, but right now it's so bewildering it takes your breath away,” said Bess Derringer.

The school did not allow 10TV to see the video either.  

Newark City Schools’ Community Outreach Coordinator, Seth Roy, says he saw the video.  He says it shows the students sitting on the bus, and being a bit loud. He says the video shows the students sitting sideways with their legs in the aisle, which is not allowed, and then the aide approaching the students.

“It's not entirely clear, because it's kind of loud and riding on the bus and everything, but you can hear her say 'stop doing this' and ask them and ask if he wants to come to the front of the bus,” said Roy. “We're confident he didn't get injured on the bus.”

Derringer’s mother says she wants to see the bus video, but more importantly, she says she wants to make sure no other Newark student has to go through something like this.

“You put your child on the bus, as you're supposed to do, to go to school, as you're required by law, and then this happens,” said Bess Derringer.

Although the school stands firm in saying nothing against policy happened on the bus, the mother stands equally as strong in saying she believes her son and wants answers.

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