Mother overdoses in Fayette County school parking lot


A former school bus driver overdosed Monday in a school parking lot, right after picking her son up from kindergarten.

The principal of Cherry Hill Primary in Washington Court House found Cheyenne Baughn slumped over her steering wheel.

“She had a son in the back seat, who immediately, my thoughts turned to him,” said Principal Craig Maddux. “I did not want him around or witnessing any more than he had to be.”

Maddux quickly shuttled the child back inside and 911 was called. Paramedics were able to revive Baughn.

She then told them she’d done heroin at home with her boyfriend who was with their 2-year-old. Police then found the boyfriend incoherent.

Baughn was a bus driver with the district for eight years. Her personnel file showed she was once disciplined for leaving the bus with kids on it, she suddenly resigned in December 2016.

Baughn is charged with child endangerment and disorderly contact. Her boyfriend, Christopher Tilley, is also charged with child endangerment. The children were left in the care of other family members.

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