Mother of Man Charged In Connection With Grandfather's Death Speaks Out


The mother of a man charged in connection with his grandfather's death says her son admits to being at the victim's home but she says he didn't kill him.

Pickaway County deputies say Shaun Lawson showed no remorse when they arrested him for charges related to theft at his estranged grandfather's Orient home.

"I was just thinking in my head, there's no way. I don't see him doing anything like that," said Mary Boniphant.

Boniphant knew her son, Shaun lawson, was estranged from his grandfather, Tom Whitson, 84, but she never thought Lawson would be connected to his murder.

Boniphant says she was inside her Franklinton home Monday with her 2-year-old granddaughter when police arrested three people, including her son, and removed guns from the basement.

"I gave them permission to search.  I didn't think anything about it," said Boniphant.

Boniphant hasn't talked to her son since his arrest but she says a detective told her what her son is saying.

"He didn't shoot him but he did admit to being there," said Boniphant

She says it her son is charged with murder, she won't fight his punishment.

"If he's the one that done it or is involved  in it, then he's got to pay for what he done," Boniphant said.

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