Mother, Father Talk About Giving Birth To Twins On I-71


A mother and her two new babies were taken to St. Ann's Hospital in good condition after an eventful delivery.

Rachel Wuebker tells 10TV she feels blessed and thankful to have two healthy babies, after an incredible journey down interstate 71.

Wuebker says Friday afternoon, she called her husband, Kevin, when her water broke.  

They got in the car in Mansfield with hopes of reaching their doctor at Riverside.

But, they didn't quite make it.

“As we got closer and closer to Columbus, they got more and more intense and next thing we knew, we had to pull over cause the babies were coming,” said the mother.

They say they called 911 and finally decided to pull over on I-71 southbound near the Gemini Parkway exit.

“We were just praying everything was going to come out ok,” said Rachel Wuebker.

Wuebker says she realized the babies were coming and told her husband to pull over.

“By the time he got over to my side, Brooke was out and I was holding her. So, she came very fast,” chuckled Wuebker.

At 5 pounds, 8 ounces, Baby Brooke was the first one to be born on the side of the road.  

Five minutes later, Brenna was born.

“And I helped deliver that one. And mamma did great,” said Kevin Wuebker.  “…and the paramedics got there and they were wonderful,” continued Rachel Wuebker.

Emergency responders said they helped the mother deliver the twins on Interstate 71 shortly after 4 p.m.

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