Mother Of Daughter Who Committed Suicide Says She Will Keep Fighting

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Family video shared with 10TV on Tuesday shows 11-year-old Hailey Petee playing with her niece.

“I know Hailey wouldn’t want me to give up,” said her mother, Melinda Groce.

As she prepares to bury her own daughter, Groce is determined to make sure other parents don’t have to go through such a loss.

Since the 10TV story aired this week, many other parents and students have claimed they have been bullied in the London School District.

“It just saddens my heart to know that these other kids and a lot of them don't speak out, like nobody even knows. They just hold it inside,” said Groce.

While Groce claims unrelenting bullying drove her daughter to kill herself, but some have questions what role her home life played in her decision to take her own life.

Groce admits she has made mistakes, but she said she loves her daughter and tried to save her.

“"I was in prison. I am a recovering drug addict. I paid for my time. I take care of my kids and I do what i need to do,” she said.

She said she gains strength from the outpouring of support. She said she gains more strength from her daughter.

“She would want me to keep fighting, not just for her, but for other kids; and help all the other kids out there that don't have anybody,” said Groce.

The superintendent of the London School District did not want to do an on-camera interview but told 10TV that “We do not turn a deaf ear on any bullying complaints. Some may be handled on an individual basis. If we have areas of improvement in our bullying
policy, we are going to work on it.

Hailey Petee’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday in London.


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