Mother Chased Out Of Home By Armed Man

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A sleeping family awakes to an intruder with a gun, leading to a swarm of police officers on the ground and a helicopter in the sky; all searching for the suspect.

It happened at an apartment in west Columbus on Homewood Avenue early Wednesday morning.

According to the apartment owner, she was sleeping on the couch, heard a noise and found a man rummaging through their home.  When she started to move, the stranger aimed his gun at her.

She quickly fled out her front door to a neighbor’s home.  The gunman chased after her, but then changed course and went to the apartment’s rear and began banging on the back door.

Kayla Cossin, who was sleeping in the apartment at the time of the incident, says she was woken up by the pounding on the glass door.

Kayla then ran from her bedroom downstairs, where she found her mom bursting back into the apartment.

Detectives say they believe the intruder was startled after breaking in to steal items in the home.  The gunman was able to steal several things before fleeing the scene.

However, authorities discovered a cell phone in the lawn where the suspect made his mad dash.

Despite a police and helicopter search, the suspect remains on the run.

Until he's caught, Kayla says she'll be on edge.  "I’m going to be scared to go to sleep tonight, and I’m going to worry about him coming back for a few weeks probably.”

Residents of the apartment say they have a lot to do today, but one of the first is getting the locks changed on the apartment.

The gunman is described as a black male in his 40s, 5’4” to 5’7” feet tall.  He was wearing all black long sleeves (possibly a sweatshirt) and what’s described as a “dressy-style” newsboy tan hat with a small bill.