Mother Of Accused Rapist Speaks Out

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The family of a man accused of two rapes that were not solved for nearly 20 years is speaking out.

Dennis White, 51, was arraigned Saturday morning, charged with two counts of rape.

Police arrested White Thursday night after officers said new technology led to him nearly 19 years after his alleged crimes.

White stood silently in court Saturday morning, listening to a recitation of the accusations against him.

"Count number 1: October 5, 1995. Victim accepted a ride from a man who drove her to the elementary school. She attempted to flee when he made sexual overtures," read a courtroom staffer to the judge.

Investigators said it was near Scottwood Elementary School that he raped his first victim.

One month later, just a few blocks away, near Bishop Hartley High School, they say he attacked again.

"Case number 2: November 13, 1995. Again a female accepted a ride from a male at which time he put a knife to her throat," said the courtroom staffer.

Delores White, 81, sat in court and listened as the son she raised was called a rapist.

"Oh boy, it just hurt me. That hurt me," White said.

She remained adamant that her son was innocent.

"My son ain't gonna rape nobody," White said. "Why he gonna rape somebody?"

Columbus Police said DNA in both cases led them to White.

"Back in '95 the process hadn't developed enough that they could extract the evidence required to make that DNA match," said Columbus Police Sergeant Terry McConnell.

His sexual assault unit started a cold case initiative last year, giving a second look to unsolved cases that were approaching the 20 year statute of limitations.

"We've been able to take a lot of these cases, resubmit them, find DNA profiles to the suspects," he said.

White's DNA was on file because of previous convictions in the 80s and 90s, including theft, attempted rape, and burglary.

McConnell hopes these efforts provide some long awaited peace for victims of sexual assault.

"Now they can get some answers and some justice for what happened to them," McConnell said.

A judge ordered Dennis White held on 250-thousand dollars bond.