Morrow County Man Points Finger Before Being Sentenced In Murder For Hire Case

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Cory Kelly, 26, was sentenced on Wednesday to 14 years in prison over the beating death of his girlfriend's father.

But what he testified to on Wednesday drew gasps from the courtroom.

The sentencing comes after Kelly pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the first degree felony of voluntary manslaughter and the third degree felony of tampering with evidence, which are lesser charges than the aggravated murder charge he was facing.

Joe Rosella's body was found in a garage on July 4th, 2011.  Authorities said he was beaten to death with an aluminum baseball bat.  They said Kelly came back to the house a few hours after the killing and offered comfort to grieving family members.

On Thursday, Kelly said it was Rosella's common-law wife, Deborah Wilson, who asked him to do it.

"I was asked to come over there due to her altercation with him at the time and the way he was acting that night, and kill to him," said Kelly.

"And Deborah Wilson asked you to do that, is that correct?" asked Morrow County Prosecutor Charles Howland.

"Yes sir," Kelly answered.
Deborah Wilson sat in the courtroom as Kelly leveled the accusation.

She repeatedly refused comment when questioned by 10TV.

Kelly, who admits to killing his girlfriend's father, spoke to 10TV on Tuesday after he agreed to the plea deal.

"I'm tired of playing the case," he told 10TV.

When asked if he feels guilty, he said, "Yeah…I wish this never happened."

Rosella's family says they don't believe the accusation.

"He got out of a life sentence for what? 15 years? For taking someone's life?" asked Rosella's niece Angie Roof. "Yeah he's gonna lie. He's trying to save his skin."

The Morrow County Prosecutor tells 10TV Deborah Wilson has been a person of interest from the start in this case, and is even more so now.

A third player in the case, Devon Strader, is charged with complicity to aggravated murder.

He remains jailed awaiting trial.