Morrow Co. Woman Found Unconscious With Broken Neck Says She Can’t Remember What Happened


The Morrow County Sheriff's Office wants help figuring out what happened to a woman found with serious injuries.

The sheriff’s office says 29-year-old Holly McMillen was found along County Road 14 in Morrow County with cuts on her face, broken bones around her right eye and a fractured neck overnight Saturday.

Sheriff Steven R. Brenneman says McMillen had a disagreement earlier that day with her boyfriend and left her home around 1 a.m. for a walk.

“We have a witness who saw her then, and we have a witness who saw her at 1 in the morning still in that area,” Brenneman said.

The Sheriff says the last that McMillen remembers is walking along County Road 14 near the overpass for Interstate 71.

Brenneman says she doesn’t remember anything else.

"The next thing we know is the boyfriend found her about 4 in the morning” said Brenneman “About two miles farther than where that bridge was."

The Sheriff says when McMillen didn’t come home, he went out to look for her.

He says McMillen’s boyfriend is not considered to be involved in what happened.

"We have confirmed his story pretty much of where he found her and he actually loaded her up in the car and took her back to the residence to call because he didn't have a phone,” said Brenneman. “So far, his story is checking out."

Brenneman says the medical examiner told him McMillen’s injuries aren't consistent with being struck by a vehicle, though it remains a possibility.

The distance from McMillen’s home to where she was found is about 4 miles.

Investigators are now looking for anyone who may have seen anything that night.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 419-946-4444.

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