More People Come Forward After Volunteer Coach Accused Of Sexual Battery

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Detectives say more people are coming forward with allegations against a Hilliard man who's been a teacher and volunteer coach at several different central Ohio schools.

Michael Richard Totsch is facing 16 charges of sexually battery that date back to 1995.

The alleged victim is a relative.

10TV has learned Michael Richard Totsch was convicted in 1993 of a misdemeanor count of sexual imposition involving a minor,  but later had his record expunged.

But according to a former neighbor, as early as last year, they believe Michael Totsch was grooming their son to be another victim.

“It's mortifying to think that someone was looking at your child that way,” said Kim Myers, talking about her former neighbor Richard Totsch.

Kim and her husband, Chad, say they lived next door to his Hilliard neighborhood until a year ago.

“We had a few red flags when we moved in, said Chad.

The first red flag came when he said Totsch told him that he had quit as a school teacher.

What the Myers say they didn't know was Totsch' teaching certificate was revoked by the Ohio Board of Education in 1993 following his conviction of sexual imposition.

But their biggest concern came in the form of text messages they saved from Totsch to their son's cell phone.

”I hope that we are going to be really great close friends,” read one text that the father says was sent by Totsch.

“Sleep well, don't forget I'm always here for you if you ever need me”,  he said was also sent to his son’s cell phone.

The Myers say they were so concerned they moved. They believe their son was being groomed by a predator.

“I have no doubt that's what he was doing,” said the father.

The Myers said they filed a police report, but police say at the time there was nothing criminal about the text messages.

We went to Tostch's home for comment, but no one answered.

As for the Myers, they say they learned a valuable lesson when it comes to parenting and hope other parents learn from their intuition.

“As a parent - trust your gut. If it doesn't feel right it's not,” said the father.

10TV has also learned that Totsch taught English at River View High School in Coshocton for 10 years, starting in 1983, where he was an assistant wrestling and football coach.

As recently as last year, Totsch was an adjunct professor with Columbus State but hasn't taught since the summer of 2012.  

Police tell us Totsch was working as a consultant in Dublin, but was fired after the company learned of the allegations against him.

Detectives also tell 10TV when they confronted Totsch about the allegations involving a family relative, he did not deny the accusations.