More Local Horses Have Tails And Manes Cut Off

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A troubling trend continues in Union County. Someone is cutting and stealing horse manes and tails.

10TV first reported the problems in September after the Union County Sheriff's Office investigated four cases in the span of a month.

One of those horse owners spoke to 10TV during the initial investigation and now she says the criminals have come back for more this week.

"It's sad," said Roberta Slone, who owns two horses.

She says the most recent incident happened early Sunday morning when someone cut hair from the manes and tails of her horses.

"People are sick. It's a sick, twisted joke," she said. "And it's hurtful."

Slone says the criminals are likely selling the hair.

"It can be used for a variety of things," she said. "It all just depends on who's looking for it and what they want it for."

Slone has noticed a difference in her horses' personalities since the crimes began.

She says they are spending more time inside rather than roaming out in the field.

"It's like they're being imprisoned," she said. "A horse shouldn't feel imprisoned when they have that much room to roam and run."

Slone says she thinks the suspects may have been on her property again Tuesday morning.

She is now in the process of upgrading her electric fencing in the hopes of better protecting her horses.

"Do I pity the person that grabs a hold of the fence to go out? Yeah, it's gonna hurt," she said.

The fencing is just one way this horse lover is trying to find peace of mind for herself and her animals.

"I shouldn't have to stay up all night, every night worrying am I gonna have horses? Are they gonna kill them?" she said.

The Union County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Deputies have been encouraging horse owners not to leave their horses in outside pastures overnight.

If you have any information about the crimes, call the Union County Sheriff at 937-645-4100.