More Couples May Have Been Fooled By Adoption Hoax

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A couple from Central Ohio tells 10TV more couples now report being fooled by the same adoption hoax.

They say they know about 3 other families and are getting word there might be more..

Jeff and Kayla Hall live in South Carolina but Jeff is originally from Pickerington.

The Halls have 3 children, the youngest two are adopted.

They want to add to their brood so decided earlier this year to post their desire to adopt again on Facebook.

They say they were contacted by a Newark woman. 10TV is not identifying her because SHE ISN'T CHARGED WITH ANYTHING.

They started talking.

"It would be 2 or 3 hours a day then we would Skype for an hour at night," said Jeff Hall. "So we bought her a ticket and she came down for 4 or 5 days."

Jeff says the woman let them feel her stomach and feel the baby's hiccups. She later sent baby updates and told the Halls sob stories.

"She told us lies about being raped and abused by her family, by her grandparents," said Hall. "I want to be a part of your family and I told my wife, I don't know, I want to adopt a baby, I'm not looking to adopt a 36-year-old woman."

A month from delivery the woman called, allegedly from the hospital.

"She said I'm so sorry, I lost her," said Hall.

What happened next, tipped the Halls off that they had fallen for a hoax.

"She sent us these pictures that were completely fake of a live baby that's at least a month old," said Hall.

The Halls say they confronted her and she confessed.

"She was crying and she said, 'I am so sorry I hurt you guys, I never was pregnant, I wanted to be a part of your family, I saw you on Facebook, I'm lonely,'" said Jeff Hall.

Jeff says he was actually relieved because a baby didn't die. He says they've since learned of 3 other families who were duped by this woman and think there are even more.

"Whatever she's doing, other families need to know, we need to stop this so she's not hurting other people," said Hall.