More Companies, Start-Ups Turning To Crowdsourcing For Funding


Zack Chapple believes he has the belts that could one day hold up men's pants all over the world.

“They do hold up quite a few pants already,” chuckled Chapple.

He's been selling them online since discovering them during a visit to China.

"Two and a half years ago, my wife and I were actually hiking around her home town and my belt broke, and I ended up buying a new belt while I was there, and it was something I'd never seen before,” he said.

It's a fitted belt without the traditional belt buckle or belt holes.

"When you feed it into the buckle, kind of like a zip tie and it ratchets,” he explained.

He says the unique design allows for virtually no wear-and-tear. Even better, there are no more worn-out, stretched-out, poor-fitting belt holes to deal with.

"I'm kind of a bigger guy, that's obvious to tell, and my weight fluctuates.  So I'm anywhere one to three holes different, depending on what week it is or how healthy of a meal I just ate. And with this belt, you can adjust it up to 8 inches with a quarter inch adjustability,” said Chapple.

His company, Completely Royal, started with 15 buckle styles and eight strap styles.
Their next idea is a buckle with an empty middle that can be worn every day, everywhere.

"We found some good examples, had a couple of prototypes and went to the manufacturer and said this is what we want. And they said, well if you want to do that there's going to be a die cost - manufacturing is expensive.  So, that's why we decided we'd go to the crowdfunding,” said Chapple.

He turned to the internet and is hoping to raise $17,500 through Kickstarter in the next 30 days.

"The crowdfunding platform is really advantageous because you're able to get your idea out to the masses really quick,” he said.

Each person who pledges will receive a reward - everything from an e-card thank you, to a shoe horn, to a belt.

Zack's convinced this is the best way for his company to grow, one notch at a time.

"I know once you get one of these belts, you're going to fall in love with it, and that love starts with a click.”

The Better Business Bureau says if you're going to give to a crowdfunded project, you need to investigate before you give.  

Don't hesitate to request more information. Only give money that you can afford to lose - because it's basically a donation.  And, it's only tax deductible if it's given to a charity.

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