More Than 100 Newark High School Students Leave School After Report Of Bed Bugs


The band comes in with a bang for Newark High School's Friday night football game. 

They're exciting a crowd that is likely already fired up.  But not by the actions on the field, rather the actions inside the school.

"I texted my mom and I was freaking out,"  said student Jordan Lytle.

Lytle says the news of bed bugs raced through the halls.

"It's very frustrating that they're acting like it's not a big deal when I think it really is a big deal,"  said Lytle's mother, Justina Schooler.

Schooler says office staff treated her rudely when she decided to take Lytle out early Friday.

"That your kid's already been exposed to it, that the kids were making a bigger deal about it than it needed to be,"  Schooler said.

The school hadn't told parents.  A spokesperson tells 10TV's Shelby Croft it was an isolated incident.  A student had bed bugs on his clothes and bag.  He was sent home and they cleaned the room after calling the health department.

"I think we should have been informed, like I said, on Wednesday.  I don't know why it's kind of hush hush,"  said Schooler.

A letter did go home Friday afternoon from the health department but a spokesperson says he didn't know about this until Friday morning.  He says there are not regulations regarding bed bugs because the bugs don't carry disease.  Still, Lytle and her mom are leery.

"I hope they're gone.  If not, then I don't want to go back,"  said Lytle.

"I feel there needs to be an extermination, not just a deep cleaning done,"  Schooler said.

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