Mom Concerned Child’s School Fails Her Safety Test


Jennifer Johnson said that it was after the Sandy Hook school shooting that she became concerned about her own kids' school safety.

“When they dismiss the kids after school, they just come flooding out the doors,” said Johnson.

Jennifer decided to send her brother, Michael, to pick up her children one day.

Michael said he was able to walk into the school, unquestioned.

“I didn't announce that he was coming, which, he was on their emergency list. If someone had just asked him 'Who are you' he would have been allowed to take the kids. My issue is, nobody asked,” said Jennifer Johnson.

Despite what the mother said happened at the school that day, the superintendent said she feels the kids are safe

“If we're walking the children to the door, and an uncle or someone they know is there to pick them up, and we don't know any differently, like ‘Do not release my child to this person,’ then we think we're doing our job as a school system,” said Beth Harman, Bellefontaine City School Superintendent.

The superintendent confirmed that Jennifer's brother, Michael, is on the emergency list.

“What's the point of having an emergency list of people that can get your kids, if they're not even checking it,” said Michael Akers.

Bellefontaine's police chief said the school did nothing wrong.

“It was a safe person to those children,” said Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley.

Standley admitted there is 'behind-the-scenes' work to better the school's safety system, but Jennifer has put the fight in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

“I'm fighting for everybody else's children at this school,” said Jennifer Johnson.

The school’s superintendent says they will be having a meeting on Monday evening with the parents to discuss school safety procedures.

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