Mobile Simulators Provide ‘Active Shooter’ Training To Ohio Officers

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Law enforcement agencies across the state are using mobile training simulators from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to give authorities training in emergency situations.

That includes “active shooter’” drills for schools.

Delaware County Deputy Scott Williams said it’s a scenario that he needs to go through.

"Hopefully, we don't have to use our firearms as much, but hopefully we will be proficient if we do,” Williams said.

Williams is getting free training from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. 

The training includes everything from driving to firearms simulators. He also gets feedback from trained instructors.

DeWine introduced the mobile simulators in October, and his office said roughly 140 agencies have requested to use it.

“Everyone I have seen afterward has thanked us and have been glad to go through the training,” said Andrew Russell, a law enforcement training officer.

Although the scenarios are generated by a computer, they are as real as they can be.

Even the simulator weapons have the real weight of a gun.

It is all to give officers the most realistic experience possible.

“It is very life like. It's very realistic 27:46 it happens very, very, fast,” said Williams. “It was very beneficial because it is an eye opener of how quick things can happen."

He hopes it will make him more prepared for whatever may happen.

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