Mobile Crime-Fighting Tool Gets Officers Ready For Active Shooter Call


It’s tactical police training with a twist, a facility that can be brought on location.

Officials with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office are using a portable space with multiple floor plans, designed to snap together anywhere, to prepare law enforcement for almost anything.

“When things happen - things happen bad.  And, they happen quickly,” explained Andrew Russell.

Russell is a training officer for the AG's office. He says time and money often leave a gap in the everyday patrolmen's training of specialized tactics.

“We will teach you angles (and) how to correctly search a room in a safe manner,” added Russell.

In case of further threat, they also teach active shooter response.

Russell says that more often than not, it's front line officers, not special response teams, finding themselves in high risk situations..

From the moment an active shooter enters a building, time is of the essence and lives are at stake. This type of training allows a single law enforcement officer to enter and get to the bad guys as quickly as possible.

“The days of waiting for a SWAT team - We just can't do it anymore,” said Russell.

But what they can do now is take the training on the road and raise it to another level.