Missing Fayette County Woman's Body Identified After 25 Years


Dick Gordon lives in Jeffersonville, Ohio, the same town where Diann Tatum lived almost a quarter of a century ago before she disappeared.

He says after all these years, his memory was fuzzy about what happened to Tatum -- until he read about it in the morning paper today.

"I never thought I'd hear any more about it, but as time goes on, it came up again," Gordon said. “It tears up your mind to think about something like this."

Diann Tatum was 25 years old, living along U.S. Route 35 near Jeffersonville in 1988.

Authorities say she left on Oct. 21 to travel to her mother's home in Warren, Mich., but she never made it and was reported missing by her husband, Peter.

Tatum's car was found in Cincinnati at a motel, with no record of her ever checking in there.

Six years later, skeletal remains of a female were found in St. Clair County, Mich.

But not until last month were those remains connected to Tatum -- positively identified through special forensic testing and dental records.

Part of the mystery is solved, but not who killed her.

"I hope they can find the one who did it, I hope it is solved someday,” said Gordon.

Investigators at the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department say they don’t have any suspects in the case.

Local detectives plan to meet with their counterparts in Michigan as early as next week, as the investigation continues.

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