Military Vets Needed To Fill Central Ohio Jobs

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It's not every day that you hear thousands of jobs are available but not enough people know to fill them.

Military Veterans Resource Center says they partner with companies that are looking to hire veterans.

Right now, Ohio Health alone has about 800 available jobs.

U.S. Veteran Michael Kincaid says his job search would be even harder without the resource center.

"Struggling, without a shadow of a doubt. Being that I am a veteran from the United States military, I would struggle-on, solider-on army soldier, but it would be difficult because I would be unaware of some of the resources," said Michael Kincaid, U.S. Veteran.

Executive Director of the Military Veteran's Resource Center Len Proper says they help the veterans and companies connect.

"It's just a matter of, now, breaking down the communications barrier and making something happen," added Proper.

CLICK HERE to get more information from the Military Veterans Resource Center.