Men Rescued From Swelling River Could Be Charged


Crews in Crooksville rescued four m en after their canoe was unable to fit under a bridge on Tuesday afternoon.
10TV News crews on the scene said that a group of men in their 20s and 30s tried to canoe from a high school down a river toward the Crooksville Fire Department.

Fire officials later said that they believed the men were on a “joy ride” that could have turned deadly.

One of the men got sucked under the railroad bridge and another floated down the swelling river.

A police officer jumped in to try to rescue the men but had to call for backup from fire officials.

Officials said that all four men, who were safe, could be charged with inducing panic.

One of the men told 10TV that he would "do it again" because it was "fun."

"These people have to realize they not only put themselves at risk but they put emergency personnel at risk," said Crooksville Fire Chief Ralph Hill.

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