Melting Snow Causing Flood Problems For Homeowners

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Basement repair companies say they're getting flooded with phone calls from people who are now discovering their sump pumps aren't working or their basement is cracking from water pressure.

Sean Wyke of Pickerington knows all about the issues that arise from melting snow, now that he has standing water in his unfinished basement.

"This is the worst, within the past couple of hours it spread," he says. 

It doesn't take long to figure out the problem.

"You have a crack in the wall," says Ron Greenbaum, The Basement Doctor.

Not the kind of news any home owner wants to hear, especially for someone like Sean.

Greenbaum says cracked or bowed basement walls are common problems after winters like this one. 

"I've seen walls move within two inches in the last two weeks."

A check of the home's sump pump finds it's not working, which exerts more pressure against the foundation.

Water from the melting snow can still get into your basement even if you have a sump pump.  If the line to the pump is frozen, it can't push the water away from your foundation.

"That water will back up into your basement or the pump will burn out because it keeps recycling," says Greenbaum.

He added homeowners with basements should start looking at their basement walls now. 

"Everything starts out as a hair line crack"

Greenbaum also encouraged homeowners to keep their sump pump on to avoid freezing.

While the dripping snow and warm sun are a welcome sight, the unfortunate trade-off for some, is a water-soaked basement and a repair bill homeowners wish they could flush down the drain.