Medical Officials Warn Of Shopping Cart Injuries To Toddlers

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Researchers at Nationwide Children's hospital say each year more than 20,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for falls from shopping carts.

A study shows falls and cart tip overs are a major problem. Children under five years old are injured most. Head injuries are common since the fall is often onto a hard surface.

Parents should always use the restraint straps. Adults should make sure the strap is snug on the child and keep the children seated.

"It's the toddler preschool age we're seeing these injuries in and these are often because the children are placed in the basket and because they have a high center of gravity up near their chest, they reach out for something-- they'll topple over,” said Dr. Gary Smith, NCH Center for Injury Research and Policy.

The study is published in Clinical Pediatrics.  

Researchers are calling for tougher safety standards and design changes, including placing the child seating area near the floor.