‘Mean Girls’ Focus Of Attorney General Seminar

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Experts gathered Thursday at a seminar hosted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office about bullying.

According to statistics, one in seven kids is bullied every day, and many times, girls are on the wrong end, CrimeTracker 10’s Jeff Hogan reported.

Sandy Hunt said that she had spent years studying bullying.

“Some are seriously injuring other kids,” Hunt said. “Some have even killed other kids because of bullying. Some of the school shootings have been related to bullying.”

Hunt said that boys usually have a certain beef to settle with someone and physically fight.

Girls are more likely to alienate each other and make jabs at others via social media networks, Hogan reported.

“Let’s face it, people like to be popular,” Hunt said. “People want to have that power, and some will do anything to keep it – from saying nasty things to social exclusion to just putting someone else down,” Hunt said.

Hunt said that the downward spiral was leaving girls seriously affected.

“We are having young girls who are becoming depressed and even becoming suicidal,” Hunt said. “I think, as a community, we need to be teaching them social skills, that it’s OK to be nice.”

Experts said that one of the reasons female bullying goes under the radar is because incidents among girls go largely unreported, Hogan reported.

Some signs to look for are unexplained injuries, damaged clothing and making excuses to stay out of school or off the bus, Hunt said.

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