McClain Football Team Found Hands Pricked After Handshake

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A Washington High School student may face assault charges after authorities say his handshake left over 20 football players with pin-like pricks.

After a football game against McClain High School on Oct 1, a Washington High School player, who was ineligible to play, joined the end of the handshake line with something in his hand, 10TV's Tanisha Mallett reported.

"We have up to 27 people now who were stabbed with the same object and the potential is there that some sort of disease could be transmitted." said Tim Hester, chief of the Greenfield Police Department.

In addition to tetanus shots, the McClain High School football team was offered other medical tests free of charge, Mallett reported.

"Whatever the intent was it was a poor choice." said Casey Wood, principal at Washington High School. "I don't think it was intended to be malicious toward one individual or targeting a specific player."

The identity of the student responsible for the incident was not immediately available.

The Greenfield police chief says when the investigation is completed, he will turn the information over to the county prosecutor to consider charges.

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